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Our homeowners (HO3 and HO5), dwelling fire, flood, and commercial policies are tailored for coastal states. Peace of mind that your real risks are really covered.

Homeowners Insurance

Get robust protection for your house and the things that make it home.

Dwelling Fire Insurance

Need flexible coverage? Get a policy that meets your needs and your budget.


Protect your home and belongings from floods. Add on affordable flood coverage.

Business Owners Policy

Protect your business property and liability in one convenient bundle.

Landlord Insurance

Protect your investment property with coverage tailored for tenant-occupied homes.

Where We Specialize

While other insurers leave coastal regions, we specialize in protecting them.

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Coverage without the Confusion

Because you shouldn’t need a dictionary to understand your coverage.

Homeowners insurance (also called an HO3 policy) is the go-to coverage for most traditional homes. That’s because it offers a range of protection for your home, other structures (like fences, sheds, or a garage), your belongings, additional living expenses if a covered loss keeps you from living at home, personal liability, and medical payments if a visitor is injured. 

Our homeowners insurance protects your home and other structures from all sources of damage except those listed as exclusions. In other words, you’re covered for fire, theft, vandalism, wind, hail, and much more. 

The liability portion of your policy covers you and your family if you’re responsible for someone’s bodily injuries or lost property. SURE policies even automatically include dog liability coverage in case Fido makes his bad day everyone’s problem.

Keep in mind that most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage from floods or earthquakes. But you can add on flood coverage to make sure you’re prepared for whatever the future holds.

Think of a dwelling fire policy as a homeowners policy without the extras. It protects your home against disasters big and small (not just fires!). It can also cover your belongings, additional living expenses or loss of rental income, personal liability, and medical payments. The nice thing about this policy is that you can easily tailor it to fit your needs and how you use the property.

Because a dwelling fire policy is so flexible, it’s a good choice for those who rent out their property.

Your home doesn’t need to be in a high-risk flood zone to flood. Anywhere it can rain, it can flood, which is why 90 percent of natural disasters involve flooding. Our flood coverage can be easily added on to your SURE homeowners policy to protect your home, other structures, and belongings. 

SURE’s business owners policy (BOP) combines both property and general liability coverage in one convenient, affordable package, addressing the most common risks for small and mid-sized businesses.

Available for more than 300 business classes, including restaurants, retail, offices, service and processing, wholesale, and lessors, our BOP offers essential coverage that many business owners require to secure commercial leases and grow their businesses.

SURE’s landlord policy provides specialized commercial coverage tailored for residential dwellings exclusively occupied by tenants. It also covers landlord furnishings, loss of rent, other structures, and on-premises liability, providing landlords greater protection and security against unforeseen losses 

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