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Claims Made Easy

Losses are stressful. Claims don't have to be.

How SURE Saves the Day

You never know what the future holds, but with us, you can be sure your claims will be handled quickly, accurately, and seamlessly.

We partner with SageSure for best-in-class, tech-powered claims. With online loss reporting, virtual inspections, and same-day digital payments, we take the stress and complexity out of claims.

How to File a Claim

Report Your Loss

Go to or call 866-311-7243. SageSure's will manage every step of your claim.

Meet Your Adjuster

Your adjuster will walk you through next steps, including mitigation and any necessary inspections.

Get Your Payment

Once your claim is reviewed and approved, get your payment via direct deposit, Venmo, or PayPal.

Join Us

Get a quote, or partner with SageSure to get exclusive access to SURE products.